Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Invaders Leave

The mixed flock of Starlings, Grackles, Cowbirds and Red-winged Blackbirds were here until earlier this week when a Sharp-shinned Hawk harvested a Cowbird.
It was tough to get him in focus because he kept at his work.

A poor little Downy Woodpecker was caught at the suet feeder.  He didn't make a move for at least 20 minutes.  It was so cold I was afraid he would freeze.  I tried to flush him by knocking on the window, but he just blinked at me.

I couldn't bear the suspense, so I went about my business. He was gone when I checked back ten minutes later.
It took the hawk about 45 minutes to finish eating. Only feathers remained.
The flock has moved on and not returned.


  1. Wow, like a microcosm of the jungle right there in your yard. We had a Coop take a Mourning Dove the other day, but the other birds seem undeterred. Glad you can go back to feeding your regular birds.

  2. I have since learned that it is most likely this is a Cooper's Hawk.