Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Bishop's House

The Toledo Day Nursery had their garden tour today in the Old West End.  I was posted to the garden at the Bishop's house.  
I only had my phone camera and with the cloudy skies, the garden was difficult to capture.  There is no access from the street so it is a wonderful secret oasis behind the cathedral.

I haven't been inside the cathedral for over twenty years and couldn't resist a peak.

Volunteers from the parish were there and mentioned the cathedral has recently been voted the most beautiful in Ohio.  Tours are available upon request.

The building was begun in 1925.  It took four years to build the walls but the cathedral wasn't completely finished until 1941.

After my shift was over I walked through the rest of the gardens.  As I crossed Monroe Street to return to Glenwood Lutheran Church and my car I came across this marker on the grounds of the Art Museum.

Who knew?!  And why is the marker where it is?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Damsels and Dragons and Unicorns

Monday mornings are extra monitoring days.  We go to places that aren't monitored on a regular schedule.
This past Monday I mistakenly went back to Blue Creek (instead of Wiregrass Lake - which used to be named Bumpus Pond - confusing!).  
I took advantage of the mistake by taking a walk on the trail there, which goes along a ditch, small ponds and meadows.
The damselfly above is a female Ebony Jewelwing - a damselfly.  Below is the male.

There is a healthy population of Common Milkweed in the meadow.  It is just starting to bloom and should attract butterflies.  I'll try and get back to see them.

I had to send this photo in to  Apparently, a female or immature Meadowhawk is as detailed an identification as can be made.  Meadowhawks are dragonflies.

This is a Unicorn Clubtail - another dragonfly.  
I spotted him on Seigert Lake in Sidecut Metropark after stopping by on my way home.

American Water Willow - was blooming nearby.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ice Cream Palooza Revisited

Patrick spent last week with us - the beginning of his summer vacation.  
We saw "Spy", ate way too much (Grumpy's, 5th Street Bistro, Bangkok Kitchen, Red Robin, and twice at Penguin Palace), watched "I Love Lucy" and "North by Northwest" (he now wants to be Cary Grant when he grows up).  Mostly we just hung out.
Friday we decided to go on an adventure by heading off to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  We all agreed it was better than we had anticipated.
When we came back out into the sunshine there was a group of people becoming citizens right in front of the museum.
We drove to the wear house district for lunch.  Patrick picked a place with tablecloths - Johnny's - and had a Filet Mignon.  Good choice.

After lunch we drove to University Circle and continued our Ice Cream Palooza that we started last summer.  

Dan had strawberry rhubarb.  Patrick had salted caramel chocolate (2 scoops)   I had coffee chocolate chunk.
On the drive home we listened to our rock and roll favorites.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Phlox Ovata (Mountain Phlox)

We monitored Mountain Phlox yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning and we were able to locate all but two of the populations in the park.

I saw several Viceroy butterflies that look like they were newly emerged.

There were also several Common Whitetail Dragonflies.

Larry has been monitoring with us for several years.  He loves to explore and it is not uncommon for us to have to send out a search party to look for him when it's time to move on.  
This was a stop we made to count a population of Mountain Phlox that has numbered one for as long as I can remember (This year we found two).  
I guess we didn't let Larry know this. He set off down the road.  Luckily he was easy to spot and going in the right direction for our next stop.

Penny found a box turtle with an abnormal shell at our first stop and on the way back to the Lodge we found this little gal crossing the road.  We think she is a female because of her red eyes.  We set her down in the field she was headed toward - as we have been instructed to do.  
Penny told us that box turtles often nest just before a good rain and are therefore more likely encountered.  

Sure enough, it rained late in the afternoon.