Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lunch and Learn

     Yesterday Phyllis, her friend Anne LaRue, and I visited the Toledo Day Nursery's Jefferson Avenue site.  I've been a big fan of the nursery for years and it was fun to show off the place.  

We took the effort to remove our shoes so we would be allowed into the "infant" area (ages 0 to 18 months).  The kids were in the middle of lunch and were surprised to see us.
I love the low windows that allow the kids to see outside.

     The fixtures in the bathroom are just the right size for the preschoolers.  Phyllis was glad they had an adult toilet in another part of the building for her to use.

Once our tour was over we washed our hands and had lunch with the preschoolers.  They were all excited to have company.  When they had finished eating, they scraped their plates and put the dishes in pails of soapy water.  Then they quietly looked at books until everyone could join in circle time for a story before their nap.

Toledo Day Nursery is the 4th oldest daycare in the nation, founded in 1871 for children of working civil war widows.  They receive the highest accrediting awards and it's easy to see why once you visit - there is nurturing in abundance.  I hope they stay in business for another 140 years.

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