Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tradition

     Our friends have been getting their Christmas Tree from the Whitehouse Tree Farm for many years and their enthusiasm has rubbed off on us.  

The tradition consists of:
1. Racking your brain trying to remember what you have in previous years figured out to be the best variety of tree (in our case, a Frasier - for the wonderful fragrance)
2. Finding that tree species on the farm map
3. Navigating to that section (with the attendant debate)
4. Traipsing around the section while having another debate about optimal Christmas tree structure.
5. And (for Dan and I) returning to the starting point and buying a tree imported from North Carolina!  

     The Tree Farm is owned by the Wheelers and has become so popular that they can't plant trees fast enough (thus, the imported trees).  The popularity arises from a combination of a scarcity of competition, and the availability of free horse drawn sleigh or carriage rides, bonfires, and free hot dogs and hot chocolate (a true tree experience destination).

     Once you are ready to go, your tree is hoisted on top of the car (by Duke, Jr., in our case) and expertly tied down.

     The McWeenys beat us every year in the tree size contest.  This year, theirs was so big, their name fit right on the stump!

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