Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Canine Home Health Care (R rated for language)

     This is how Dan and I have felt this week.  Hudson has a drug resistant E. coli urinary tract infection.  The only available antibiotic that will kill the little bugs has to be injected under his skin. The main side effect is kidney damage, so it must be given with lots of saline, also injected under his skin.  
     We've been at the vets for the last 4 days, making sure his kidneys were working well and learning how to give the medicine and fluid.  I am happy to report that we have just successfully completed his first home therapy.  He wasn't too happy about it, but is much more easily plied with treats at home than at the animal hospital. 
     Moral of the story: Don't eat poop!  If you do eat poop, don't lick your penis!!

(photo is Sarah's impersonation of "The Scream")


  1. First. Sarah is a doll.

    Second. I guess I'll have to cut poop out of my diet.

    Third. I don't have one of those things. And if I may quote Elaine Benes:
    " I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."


  2. PS:

    Please give Hudson a luvie from Keith and me - The Food Spewer. He'll remember.

  3. Hope your ministrations for Hudson work wonderfully well. We send our love. APs