Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It's been a busy summer and I can't believe we're almost half way through July.
The House Wrens have already fledged two broods by the patio and one in the front yard. No one used the house in my wildflower bed on the hill this year.
The Baltimore Orioles have fledged as well.  I never know where their nests are, but at least 2 pair frequent the jelly feeder, along with at least one pair of Catbirds.
The American Goldfinches have stayed all season at the thistle feeders.

The beds around the house have done well this year with heavy spring rains.  
Things are drying out now, so I have had to start watering.
The Woodchucks and Deer have not been thwarted by my fencing of the native plantings on the hill.
The best laid plans...


  1. Sounds like a nice summer. I love these photos! Such contrast and color. Well done.

  2. Oh Wow! I've not been getting notifications from your blog and I've missed so much beauty!! Wow!