Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Non-working Dogs

I was tickled to see so many dogs out and about on our recent trip to Scotland.  They may not have been obviously working (like the Sheepdogs), but in their own minds they perhaps thought they were performing important duties.

A Scottish Terrier in St. Andrews

An unknown breed on the road to Glen Affric

A Spaniel at Loch Ness

A Collie and Chocolate Labrador Retriever at a pub on Loch Ness 
(next to seated owners at far picnic table)

A barking Yorkshire Terrier at Loch Ness

On our way to Loch Lomond

Two West Highland White Terriers on Loch Lomond

Statue of Greyfriars Bobby
He was a famous Skye Terrier who lived in Edinburgh.
I have never been particularly fond of Skye Terriers.  
However on our recent visit I learned they originated on the Isle of Skye.  
It turns out I originated on the Isle of Skye as well (in a way).  My grandfather's grandfather was born there.

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  1. Hey! How'd I miss this? Seems the love of dogs is universal and forever :)