Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Monday, September 1, 2014

Moving Mom

My sister and I have been sorting through things at my Mom's apartment in preparation for her move to assisted living.  It seems a much more pleasant task when we work together.

Today we found several boxes that must have come from her Mother's house.  Many photographs I had never seen before.
Here she is on her third birthday.

She doesn't look much older here.  Her parents had a cottage on Nettle Lake. Perhaps this photograph was taken there.

Her cousins, Bill and Vernon Fauble are standing behind her.  
Her older sister, and only sibling Betty is to her left.

Their father, Bill Keyes was a farmer most of his life. 

When Grandpa wasn't farming, they lived in Swanton.  He was employed at the hardware store and would also do carpentry work.

These girls were in her class when they lived in Ai (pronounced A, I).

Mom was in the band at Swanton High School.
My older sister Deb played the same trumpet, all the way through college.


  1. What is it about these old black and white photos?
    Haunting. Time stopped. There they are . . while the world moved on.

  2. I googled my dad's name on a whim and saw these pics. That's my dad and Uncle Bill in that picture with your mom and her sister, Betty. Wonderful to see a pic of him as a young boy. Not many of those around!