Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back to Monitoring

I was happy to get back out in the fields and monitor this past Friday.  We concentrated on Scaly blazing star.  It is a relative of the domesticated Dense blazing star, known also as Gay Feather, but is much smaller and the flowers are "interrupted" in comparison. 
Rough blazing star is starting to bud, but has not bloomed, so our timing was perfect.  They can be difficult to tell apart. 

  The population is booming.  If it continues to do as well next year, we may need to estimate the numbers.

Another of my favorites was blooming as well - Flowering spurge.  The flowers are delicate and seem to float among the grasses.

Near the woods we came upon these funny fellows - Milkweed tussock moths.  They were less than an inch long.
I've never seen so many together.
The adult moth has dull gray wings and isn't much to look at.  A peak below the wings, however, reveals a similarly brightly colored body.


  1. Those crazy moth caterpillars! Ya gotta love the Designer Who came up with these bugs :)
    And yes. I fully understand the need for . . . and the peacefulness .. . that comes with getting out into the natural world.

  2. Did that "spurge" cutting I gave you that the garden tour lady gave me this past year ever take root for you?