Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bird Behavior

Ohio had less than 40 breeding Bald Eagle pairs when we first moved to the river in 1993.  An Eagle siting merited a call to the neighbors and a mention to friends.  
In 2007 there were 157 breeding pairs in Ohio.  I know of at least two active nests on the Maumee River; one about 10 miles upstream (built about five years ago) and one about a mile downstream (across from Eagle Point, Rossford and there as long as anyone can remember).  There are many more on the Lake Erie shore.  
I still am excited every time I see these majestic birds - this immature bird hung out on our dead Ash tree for a few hours earlier in the week - but it is not a newsworthy event.
In addition to growing in numbers, my impression is that they are also getting used to us.  Apparently, others think so too.  
This link describes recent research on Bald Eagles tolerance of human activity.  

This photo was taken at Side Cut Park, the same park where I was intimidated by Canada geese a while back.  Since that encounter I have learned from a park naturalist that geese will usually walk away if one makes oneself loud and obnoxious.  
I was prepared to do so when I came upon these parents, but it turned out I didn't need to.  They cleared the path without so much as a peep.  Perhaps these geese, closer to the main trail, had become habituated to people.

Finally, I decided to google "Great Blue Heron eats Chipmunk".  I won't add the link, because it is too gruesome, but apparently this is not a new phenomena.  Perhaps the only thing new is that "our" Herons have become used to us.

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  1. Nice pix of that eagle. Amazing to have it in your backyard. And thanks for not posting that link! :)