Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

@#$%& Sparrows!

     In general, my philosophy is live and let live, but it is hard to stick to it when it comes to House Sparrows (Passer domesticus).  

     This is our front door.  Look closely and you will see them eating (yes - eating) our house.  
I assume they need the sandstone for their crop.

     Our tile roof is a veritable Sparrow condominium.  Sparrows pry their way under our ridge cap to make a nest.  Each successive year, nesting material is pushed down each row of tiles, gradually dislodging them.  Boards rot, water leaks, cash flows.

     Previous so-called roof repair experts have clearly not understood the industriousness of their foe.  

Handyman doesn't quite capture the awesome ability of Tony, who is now on the job.  We've committed funds to go all out and Sparrow proof this roof for good - 
copper over any open boards, rubber roofing over the entire base, nail down every tile, mortar the ridge cap.

We've even placed foam in the gutters (another favorite nesting site).

Stay tuned.  I wouldn't put it past these bird brains to find another way to exploit our house.


  1. Pretty amazing that you can tweak a smile out'a pretty frustrating situation. This line was particularly pithy: " . . . water leaks, cash flows."

    The pictures are pretty amazing.

  2. PS

    Note the frequent use of the word "pretty" in the above comment.
    It's a pretty good indicator of a brain in need of down time :-D

  3. I truly wish you the best in bird proofing your roof and home. My brother has had some industrious woodpeckers that he has done battle with. Never underestimate a bird! I look forward to seeing if all of your improvements work.