Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Babies

The last time I monitored at Oak Openings, our group came across these babies.

     This is a hog nosed snake.  They can grow up to three feet and vary in their coloration.  They live in areas with sandy soil where they are able to burrow in after their main grub, toads.  We found another of similar size about 30 yards away.  
These little guys were pretty mellow, but the adults can exhibit some fine acting skills, as Jim McCormick relates in a recent post.

     This is a box turtle with poor judgement.  I found him in the middle of the road on my way home.  I have been told to assume that a turtle in the road is always on his way to the other side, but this guy (or gal) seemed to be walking down the middle.  He was ever so slightly facing the side I released him to.  I hope I picked the right side.  I'd hate to have him try to cross back.

It is thought that box turtle numbers are declining.  They (and most land turtles) are difficult to count, however, because of their ability to blend into their surroundings (with the notable exception of roadways).  Some dogs have a natural ability to find the turtles and can help to pin down more accurate numbers.  Read more here in Garden and Gun.

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