Sunrise on the Maumee

Sunrise on the Maumee

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cirrocumulus or Altocumulus

     Those are my guesses for the name of these cloud formations.  This photo was taken with my phone.  The effect in real life was much more impressive. 
I'm new at cloud identification.  Northwest Ohio is flat, so it's helpful to have an appreciation for the sky. I used my National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Clouds and Storms.  It's the first time I've really looked at it and I'm surprised at how few types of clouds there are.  I wouldn't be surprised, though, if the topic was over simplified to keep novices like me from being discouraged.

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  1. Very cool picture. That's such an interesting effect going diagonally across the field of view. I won't offer a guess because I'm hopeless on clouds.